Asyon Uteroya

Owner and operator of a dock-side warehouse in Goldshore


A middle-aged human man of just under 6 feet, Aszyon has short, salt-and-pepper hair and a much longer beard of matching color. He has fairly dark, sun-damaged skin purportedly earned from spending several of his younger years as a ship hand.


Asyon is well known by many day laborers in Goldshore. He owns a warehouse on the docks that sees thousands of gold worth of merchandise move through on a yearly basis. As a result he almost always needs between ten and thirty hands in a single day’s work. Though he isn’t very friendly, Asyon is well liked since he always pays a full day’s wage, even if the work runs out half the day through.

In times of annoyance, Asyon can often be heard reciting his motto “honor is where honesty meets perseverance.”

- – -

Asyon Uteroya was found murdered in his warehouse in the early morn in the early winter, with the words “PAY YOUR DEBTS, KEEP YOUR GUTS” scrawled on the wall above him in his own blood.

Asyon was not known to have any enemies or outstanding debts. Without any inheritors in Goldshore, his warehouse shall go to foreclosure.

Asyon Uteroya

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