The Fall of Goldshore

For Justice

Finding the sorceress, Neisa Iomelae in the midst of preparing a fiendish ritual behind the mayor's mansion Ry and his allies enter a climactic conflict with her and her fiendish and human guards. Though victorious, three of the five heroes suffer near-fatal wounds, and one dies before the battle is finished.


After resting through mid-day, Ry finds that he has been framed for the murder of the mayor of Goldshore, and the city has been put under martial law by Malhron Tullandor. Deciding the best option is to confront Tullandor directly, Ry and the rest of Operation Dead Dog head through the city streets in the middle of the night hoping to infiltrate the mayor's mansion. Unfortunately they meet with some resistance on their approach, and the mayor's mansion becomes the sight of an ongoing battle.

Ambushes and Arsons

After being ambushed at the drop spot arranged with Jacob, Ry and Kaeli go about seeking confirmation of their assumptions and assistance from Korifas Noilum and High Priest Solaern. Following some weak, but not insignificant, promises to help – Ry and Kaeli find themselves attacked in the night, with Kaeli's home – the Cathedral of Cayden Cailean – also set ablaze.

After a (somewhat) inspiring speech, Ry, Kaeli, Fulti, and a group of three armed commoners approach the docks-district hideout of the Howl Street Gang.

Battling Corruption

After doing battle with a number of thugs and a Hell Hound, Ry and Kaeli find the entrance to the docks-area hideout of the Howl Street Gang. But when they rally extra members of the guard to attack the hideout with them, the soldiers turn against Ry and Keali, throwing Kaeli into the river (60 feet below) and attempting to capture Ry. Enfuriated by this, Ry confronts Captain Malhron Tollandur and is given some money and a promotion in order to protect the Captain's position and hide his error.

Tracking the Gang

With his appointment to the guard affirmed, Ry Julander and his appointed subordinate, Kaeli Roosthouser, begin looking for ways to track down the Howl Street gang. Some time on the docks leads to a bait-and-hook plan which ultimately leads to the capture and release of a common street thug named Jacob. With their informant established, the two reconvene in the evening to stake-out the Howl Gang's hideout in the docks. However, when a group of people are returning to the hideout, Kaeli is spotted. Quickly, someone from the group lets out a long string of strange language, following which a Hound makes its way into the vicinity of the two battle-ready guards.

A Worthy Fight

"If you don't like this, I got nothing else," bitched the smith. He had showcased many a blade, axe, and hammer, and Ry had handled them all – with ease. But nothing felt quite right. In truth, Ry was scared that he knew nothing about weapons and that it was showing. In truth, the smith was impressed with how natural Ry looked with a weapon in his hand. The boy was dressed like a common laborer, but he carried himself like a soldier. The smith pulled out the last blade, a very long sword with a double edge and two handed hilt. The wide blade reflected the sun shining in from the window onto the wall of the shop.

Ry knew it before he touched it. It felt heavy, but in a good way. He gripped it in both hands glanced at the large testing log splayed between two benches. He brought the sword purposefully above his head and concentrated on the log. There was no shop, there was no smith, there was only Ry, the sword, and the poor log. He thought of George and wounds he had inflicted, the thugs attacking his father, the hellish fiend that did not belong here. His jaw clenched with determined anger. His muscles tensed and the smith flinched. Ry struck the log with such force that it sundered in two, sending splinters of wood across the shop.

"This is a great sword."

"Yes, it is. That will be 50 gold."

The Influence

Following his fight with his stalker in the city street, Ry is arrested and taken to the city jail. By wielding a cogent argument of self defense, and some of Tyfon Julander's influence, Ry is able to get released before the day's end. However he is again – with his father in tow - that very night by the same man he fought with earlier and two of his friends.

After the combat Ry learns that the attackers are members of the Howl Street Gang, which is a known criminal organization in Goldshore that usually operates a fairly subtle protection racket that some business owners in the city have even welcomed from time to time. He learns that some portion of the organization has a new boss named "Neisa" who has apparently been sending more competent gang members out on numerous errands of late.

Ry visits the wizard, Korifas Noilum, the following day and consults regarding his strange experiences – including his odd dreams and visions. After nearly an hour searching through the hand-sketched renderings of strange beasts in a number of books, Ry identifies a creature from his dream which – according to the text – is a fiend capable of manipulating the memories of mortals. So after procuring a healing of his wounds from the church of Cayden Cailean for a humble donation of 20 gold coins, Ry approaches Malhron Tollandur of the city guard with his suspicions that a fiend has found its way (somehow) into the city and begun acting to influence its citizens. Predicated on the promise that he will first speak with Korifas himself to confirm these suspicions directly – Malhron agrees that something should be done about this, that the city guard should concern itself with said doing, and offers that Ry Julander should be in charge of making that happen.

A Sinking Feeling

"Drop your weapons!"

Ry watched his hooded stalker run swiftly into the city and disappear. The adrenaline pumped through his lymph nodes in forceful beats like a smith shaping a blade with his hammer. In his conflicted state of mind, all Ry could do was stand there. Should I go after him, he asked himself. Would the guard give chase? Of course they would. I have no reason to run. 

He let the hammer fall to the ground and only then noticed the blood pouring from his wounds. The pain and shock started to take hold of his mind and overpowered any clarity that possessed it. One thought made its way through the clamor of reactions: I need to see the wizard.

The Death of Asyon Uteroya

After discovering Asyon Uteroya dead in his own warehouse on a gloomy winter morn, the young Ry Julander discovered that he seemed to have forgotten a whole day – along with everyone else who worked with him on the forgotten day. After some minor investigation, Ry began taking steps to consult a wizard and secure a position as warehouse manager through an arrangement with Marcus Emian.

But still far from completing either task, Ry has found himself doing combat with a well-armed stalker in the open city street. Will Ry be able to avoid prison and continue his investigaitons? We will have to find out next time in… The Fall of Goldshore.


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