Kaeli Roosthouser

A young and imaginative member of the Guard


Standing nearly a full 5 feet, 8 inches tall, Kaeli is fairly tall for a human woman, and even above the average height of human men in Goldshore. She has long, blonde hair that she often wears with flowers woven into it.

Kaeli dresses in fairly fine clothes, even under her armor when she is on duty as a member of the Goldshore City Guard.


Kaeli is a fairly energetic person, and often seems even a little lost in her own thoughts. She is also an adherent to many a local myth and legend that most members of the general public tend to believe are little more than fiction. Never-the-less she has been a member of the City Guard for over two years already, and has been appointed under the command of Ry Julander to aid in his investigations into the purported presence of devils in the city of Goldshore.

Kaeli Roosthouser

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