Welcome to  beautiful Goldshore! A city of prosperity, wealth, and wonder, where the streets are lined in finery, and the most meager of beds is made in silk and down!

Goldshore has long been considered a wealthy and prosperous city. Positioned astride the Emian river delta and along the luscious Alidan plain, Goldshore got its name from the amazement of its founders at the incredible ease with which crops, pincipal among them wheat, grew in the area. Grain being easily exportable, and good as well for feeding and intoxicating happy visitors, the name has also come to convey the joy and prosperity that is generally believed to permeate the area.

Residents of Goldshore know a little better, though. Like any city Goldshore has its poor, its crime, and its problems. But as any city with a healthy trade in visitors, the culture of Goldshore has long encouraged residents to put their best attitude forward and always strive to "Keep Goldshore Pleasent."

This game will follow a humble Goldshore laborer as the merits of that "happy harbor" are tested.

The Fall of Goldshore